Original Alto Wallet

$34.95 CAD

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The Alto Wallet has a functional design that allows easy access to your everyday carry essentials.  Both sides of the wallet can be used for easy separation of your cash and credit cards.  Specially designed thumb locators allow your credit cards to be fanned out and easily selected, then re-organized with very little effort.  This is a design feature created by the Alto brothers after years of testing prototypes and is unique to the Alto Wallet.  You will never switch back to wrapping your cards in an elastic band.

At just over 1/8" thick, it can be used as a front or rear pocket wallet.  Though it can carry much more, the suggested card carrying load is 4 cards per side (8 cards total) or less.  The Alto Wallet is specifically designed to be slightly longer and wider than your credit cards in order to create a contour that makes it less noticeable and more comfortable in your front or back pocket than a block of cards wrapped in an elastic band. 

A laminated wood core at the center of each wallet adds superior strength and a specially manufactured Nitrile band keeps cards totally secure.  

Each wallet ships with additional nitrile bands.  


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