PRO Bearings

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What is a Productivity Tool?

Designed to help you get on task and stay on task.

These tools are not connected to the internet, these are what you should reach for instead of your smartphone when you need to get any kind of deep work done.  The smartphone is incredible, obviously, but today’s most popular apps are designed to suck you into scrolling and liking, deeper and deeper into itself, which is invariably far far away from what you know you should be doing in that moment.

If you’re interested in getting real, meaningful work done; to help your “self” avoid distraction and stay on task, these tools were designed specifically for you, for that purpose.

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Options include:

  • Left: Triple Arm (add $15)
  • Middle: The Barrel
  • Right: Double Arm (add $10)


Construction for the double and triple arm spinners consists of a strong and slim multi layered wood core with walnut on the top and bottom as well premium epoxy flow inlays centered around a high-performance low friction ceramic bearing. 

Construction for The Barrel consists of a thin walnut wrap precision engineered to perfectly wrap around a high-performance low friction ceramic bearing.  This is the most minimal manifestation of the fidget spinner, and when you discover an effective design that’s this minimal, magic happens.

All designs feature a precisely machined aluminum finger cap with walnut accents to keep your anything from touching the spinner while it spins in your hands or on a table.


Fidgeting has been around long before the spinner craze of 2017.  Yes, these are ‘spinners’, but it’s a spinner designed with an adult’s needs in mind… it is not a plastic toy to show off on the playground (though I’m sure it would impress there too).  This spinner was designed to unlock your mind, dissolve stress and help you achieve excellent focus and creativity for the task at hand.  Sometimes, that may even mean literally focusing on the spinner spin in your hand; slow down the world around you by focusing a few seconds on just one thing and feel your eyes and mind get in sync.



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