Signature Series Cases

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Our Signature Series wood phone cases are all one-of-a-kind and highlight artisan woodworking techniques applied on a miniature scale that no other phone case company can replicate.

  • We are designers and manufacturers.
  • No other company in the world produces these inlay patterns and designs because we create everything in-house.
  • Each one of our solid wood inlays is created from raw lumber handpicked for quality and beauty in our local lumberyards.  The wood goes through a large number of milling and finishing steps to create a solid seamless piece of inlay that will not warp, fade or break.

Durable Wood

Though raw wood is easier to use and faster to process, its long-term durability is poor. The first drop of water or smudge of dirt will cause discoloration that will forever be embedded in the wood.   Raw unfinished woods also have the chance of splintering and expanding with changing weather conditions.


We have designed our cases to stand up to a considerable amount of stress.  Each case gets a special finish to bring out the beauty and 3-dimensional depth of the real wood.

We hand-seal the carefully selected wood on our smartphone cases with multiple coats of scratch-resistant and UV-stabilized finish. This multi-step process takes place over multiple days to further strengthen the wood.
We don’t cut corners.
We do all this work because it makes a better product, and we refuse to sacrifice quality in order to speed up production times.  

Protective Bumper

A seamless high-impact rubber bumper protects all sides, corners, and even the screen when placing your phone face down. We have designed our custom wood phone cases with extra grip added along the sides ensuring an ergonomic feel in your hands that keeps you in complete control of your new ultra-slim device.   


A Note From The Alto Brothers: 
We love working with wood! This passion for woodworking has culminated in a business where we focus on creating functional wood products that enhance your everyday life in ways you would never have thought. We handpick all our woods from local lumberyards and mill it to exacting specifications to create unbelievably intricate, heirloom quality designs. 
But don't let this fool you, durability is our #1 focus. We design all our products to withstand an incredible amount of abuse. Because what's the point of buying something that won't last? 
Our vision for Alto Collective from day 1 has been 'Escape Average' - We have carved out a niche by making remarkable wood products, and we hope you enjoy using this unique wood phone case for years to come. 


Will screen protectors work with your cases?
Yes they will.
Our cases do have a raised front lip which allows for lay-on-table protection and drop protection, however if you regularly carry your phone in a pocket or purse with keys or coins, it might be a good idea to protect your screen from the small scratches these could cause.

Are your cases water-proof?
Our wood phone cases are water resistant and will absolutely survive a prolonged dunk in water.  Your phone however, might not.  

Are your cases scratch proof?
Our cases are not immune to scratches, however even with heavy use, we doubt you will ever notice a scratch.  We use an eco-friendly industrial strength finish on our cases that makes them very scratch resistant.  If you take reasonable care of your phone case, it will look and feel brand new for years.

Will the colors fade or rub off?
No, the wood itself will not lose its beauty due to a UV-blocking additive in the cases protective finish.  Unlike other companies who just print ink on top of wood, any additional colors we apply are actually embedded within the engraving so they are permanently sealed so they will never scratch or rub off.
How do I clean my phone case?
The premium wood on your phone case is water resistant, so a good rub down with soap and water or any floor cleaner will do the job of cleaning any dirt or debris off your custom smartphone case.

What is the difference between Slim Protection and HD Protection for the iPhone 6 and 7?

  • Slim Protection:
Our most popular style of case, so slim you will barely notice it, however strong enough to protect your phone from everyday drops. 
A seamless rubberized edge protects your phone from moderate drops, and a raised front lip provides face-down protection for your screen. 

  • HD Protection:
We developed this case from the ground up for people who tend to drop their phones more often. 
A thick silicone bumper protects all corners and edges, while hard polycarbonate houses the wood inlay.
This case is unique to Alto Collective, no other company in the world offers a water resistant, scratch resistant, and drop-proof wood case like ours.

Do you make phone cases for all phone types?
We are one of the worlds leading wood phone case manufacturers so we are able to offer cases for almost every flagship phone available in North America.
Since 2014 we have also been on the forefront of new phone releases. We will always have new Apple phone cases and Samsung phone cases designed and ready to ship either on release-day or shortly after.
Using our custom case builder, you can order a case for any of our currently supported phone types.

iPhone 4/4s
iPhone 5/5s
iPhone SE
iPhone 5c
iPhone 6/6s - 6+/6+s
iPhone 7/7+
iPhone 8 (Coming Soon)
Galaxy S3
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S6/S6 EDGE
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S8 (Coming Soon)
Note 4
Note 5
LG G6 (Coming Soon)
One M8
One M9

Shipping + Warranty

Where do you ship?
We ship our phone cases everywhere in the world.  
How long does shipping take?
Since every signature series case we make is built to order, production times can vary.  Due to the additional milling steps and finishing steps involved with our signature series cases, we try to process orders within a window of 4-8 business days depending on demand.  We always try to go above and beyond to ship our wood phone cases as fast as possible.
We are a team of just 2 brothers, creating all our products in-house. We hope you understand that quality takes time, we refuse to send out a sub-par product.
Shipping time varies depending on your proximity to our location, our shop is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  

Shipping delivery times are generated at checkout.  
We guarantee your new wood phone case will stand up to anything you can throw at it or spill on it and it will not break.
We offer a 1-Year warranty from date of purchase covering any manufacturing defect. 
No 50% off replacement program here.

Simply put, the reason we are able to offer such a long hassle-free warranty is because we get so few warranty claims.   
We think it's important to put customer satisfaction over our own profits.  We are so confident your phone case will stand up to your everyday life, if you ever do need a replacement because your case breaks, we will even ship it to you free of charge.
We believe we make the best wood phone cases in the world and we are certain you will agree.


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