The PRO Controller

$99.95 CAD


What is a Productivity Tool?

Designed to help you get on task and stay on task.

These tools are not connected to the internet, these are what you should reach for instead of your smartphone when you need to get any kind of deep work done.  The smartphone is incredible, obviously, but today’s most popular apps are designed to suck you into scrolling and liking, deeper and deeper into itself, which is invariably far far away from what you know you should be doing in that moment.

If you’re interested in getting real, meaningful work done; to help your “self” avoid distraction and stay on task, these tools were designed specifically for you, for that purpose.

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Features of the PRO Controller:

Construction is a strong and slim multi layered wood core featuring a premium wood burl top and bottom with laser engraved details modeled after the original Nintendo controller.

Silver buttons make noise and feel like popping bubble wrap if you press multiple at a time, the grey A and B buttons are silent when you want to keep your fidgeting a secret during stressful meetings, the select and start buttons make noise and are small and satisfying to click with your finger or finger nail.  All the bottoms have their own purpose and together create a sophisticated minimalist controller to help you take charge of your fidgeting, to take charge of your world and your work.


Next time you’re walking around you may notice buttons, switches, knobs with flashing lights… everywhere, connected and controlling the world around you.  The trouble is interacting with any of these is usually a very bad idea because they’re connected to important things like electrical, gas, water, etc.  We’ve worked with some heavy-duty machinery in our day, so we know how satisfying these industrial buttons and switches are to interact with. Some of them so satisfying you just want to stand there and press it in, press it out, press it in, press it out…

The desire to interact with these satisfying objects without setting alarm bells off or draining the batteries of the machine, was ever present; so, when we started looking at how to optimize our ability to get work done sitting behind a desk, we drew plenty of inspiration from these buttons and switches and the underlying satisfaction power they hold.  What if we could just take these switches and buttons, disconnect them from anything vital, zero power, zero internet connection?  What if we just took the ones that really felt good and integrated them into some kind of hand-held design?  We had inspiration drawn from Jony Ive (link to blog post) on the fiddle factor as well as the “fidget spinner craze” and had noticed that giving our hands something satisfying yet non-distracting was incredibly helpful for maintaining momentum to achieve deep work.

When considering the design for the handheld, we drew major inspiration from our history and passion for videogames.  It was a natural fit in the end to create this product, to help give us more control over our addiction to the smartphone, to help give us more control over our flow to get more deep and meaningful work done.

Options include: 

  • Controller + Focused Vision Accessory Case (also has secret storage compartment)
  • Just the controller (subtract $50)