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We have offered phone cases for Apple and Samsung phones for years.

Due to added demand, we decided to develop our custom cases for even more Android models.

We have the widest selection of locally made bespoke wooden Android and Apple phone cases in North America.

We now carry 60+ android models including all the newest releases for

Samsung - Google Pixel - LG - Huawei - Apple

Out of this world

Wood + Resin Longboard

We have been using wood and resin in the production of our phone cases for a long time.

We also have an exclusive series called our GALAXY SERIES which incorporates Eco Resin and coloured addatives to create some special one-of-a-kind phone cases.

We decided to combine the look of our Galaxy Series cases with our wood inlays and the result was an absolutely stunning creation that is truly the epitome of functional art.

Marketing Potential

Dragons' Den Deal

Appearing on CBC's Dragons' Den in Feb 2018, we struck a handshake deal with Manjit Minhas to help propel our brand forward.

Ultimately choosing to hold equity in our company during the due diligence process, we were able to use the opportunity to launch ourselves into a next chapter of product design and online presence.

See the pitch on CBC's Webplayer

Refined looks

Customization Potential

We began offering custom engravings to our customers through our online Custom Case Builder.

Not only could people choose their wood type and a curated design, they could now also submit their own image or company logo to have a truly personalized wooden smartphone case.

A new kind of wallet

Alto Wallet 2.0

Ditch the bulky wallet, a new iteration of our original Alto Wallet is realeased.

Modular design tailored for minimalists.

We consider ourselves the first to come up with a novel design allowing users to fan-out cards for easy access.

First of its kind

iPhone 5 inlay cases

Using Kickstarter as a launch tool, we ran a successful campaign to launch our new wood phone case lineup.
We were one of the first Canadian companies to run a successful kickstarter campaign when it finally launched for creators in Canada.

We developed a rubberized bumper design during this campaign and were the first company in the world to ship wood phone cases with rubberized drop protection.

Full Speed Ahead

Atlas Longboard

We used marquetry techniques and carbon fiber cores to create a wood longboard unlike any other in the world.

Lighter and stronger than the competition, it featured a drop deck curvature and resin bonding paired with the highest quality woods

Ideas turned into a business

Alto Longboards Created

We took the idea of pairing luxury woods and snowboard construction to create truly one-of-a-kind longboards in Calgary AB, Canada.

We would later change our working name to Alto Collective as we designed and produced additional products, but the spirit of our original endevour is present in every single thing we create.

Escape Average

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OUR VISION is to be a leader in our industry; consciously sourcing raw materials, equipment and packaging, drastically reducing unnecessary consumption and continuously analyzing areas of the business that can be targeted for improvement.

WE'RE COMMITTED to offering style and quality in equal proportions to sustainability and corporate integrity. Endeavouring to set a standard based on attainable goals and a committed vision.

WE UNDOUBTEDLY UNDERSTAND that our commitment to the highest possible sustainable and ethical practices will not be easy to achieve, but we will continually push to incrementally change our current processes for the betterment of our industry, community and the World.