Galaxy Series - Epoxy Resin Phone Cases

$62 CAD

Made To Order: Ships within 1-3 business days

Inspired by the Universe we live in, brought to life with creativity and ingenuity.

We have used epoxy resin in our longboards and other products since 2011. We have now pioneered a special process to create 2mm thin sheets of unique resin art.  Our epoxy and resin phone cases Galaxy Series is ever-changing and always low volume.

Each resin phone case and epoxy phone case is 100% unique, no two will ever be exactly the same.

We use pigments and special additives in our resin, each with its own special characteristics. Designing, pouring and curing each galaxy takes about 5-7 days from start-to-finish, but the results speak for themselves. Once they have properly cured, we can then cut them to whatever your phone size is.

Our Galaxy Series epoxy and resin phone cases will sparkle and shimmer in sunlight and be sure to to leave you floored.

Epoxy Resin Phone Case Collection

If you’re tired of spending a fortune on phone cases that just end up breaking after a few months of use, our resin phone cover ensures the ultimate in protection and longevity. At Alto Collective, we’re committed to delivering the very best in resin phone cases.

We also offer a beautiful wood and resin phone case collection that is sure to make your device stand out. Each wood resin phone case that we make is crafted to the highest standard to ensure optimum quality and appeal.

Check Out Our Phone Case Resin Collection

Choose from a wide variety of colours and designs to ensure that you get the perfect case to suit your needs. Available for both Android and iPhone, you’re going to love our one-of-a-kind collection.


  • One-of-a-kind 2mm thin resin back

  • Totally unique designs accomplished by mixing special pigments by hand

  • Protective outer rubber case with textured sides for added grip

  • Designed to fit your Smartphone perfectly (Fingerprint reader access for Pixel models)

  • Keeps your phone safe

  • Works with tempered glass screen protectors for added screen protection

  • 100% compatible with Qi wireless/MagSafe  charging

Will screen protectors work with your cases?
Yes they will.
Many of our cases have a small raised front lip which allows for lay-on-table protection and drop protection, however if you regularly carry your phone in a pocket or purse with keys or coins, it might be a good idea to protect your screen from the small scratches these could cause.

Our cases are designed to keep your phone as slim as possible while still being protected from everyday bumps and drops.

Are your cases water-proof?
Our wood phone cases are water resistant and will absolutely survive a prolonged dunk in water.  All popular phones purchased after 2016 have a water and dust rating of IP67 or higher which means both your phone and case are water resistant.

Are your cases scratch proof?
Our cases are not immune to scratches, however even with heavy use, we doubt you will ever notice a scratch.  We use an eco-friendly industrial strength finish on our cases that makes them very scratch resistant.  If you take reasonable care of your phone case, it will look and feel brand new for years.
How do I clean my phone case?
The premium wood on your phone case is water resistant, so a good rub down with soap and water or any floor cleaner will do the job of cleaning any dirt or debris off your custom wooden case.

Where do you ship?
We ship our phone cases everywhere in the world.  
How long does shipping take?
Since there are 16,000+ different case combinations available through our custom case builder, every case we make is built to order.  We try to process orders as fast as possible generally within 1-3 business days.
We are a team of just 2 brothers, creating all our products in-house. We hope you understand that quality takes time, we refuse to send out a sub-par product.
Shipping time varies depending on your proximity to our location, our shops are located in Calgary, Alberta and Victoria British Columbia.  

We have multiple discount and express shipping options available, shipping delivery times are generated at checkout.  

We guarantee your new wood phone case will stand up to anything you can throw at it or spill on it and it will not break.
We offer a 1-Year warranty from date of purchase covering any manufacturing defect.
No 50% off replacement program here.

Simply put, the reason we are able to offer such a long hassle-free warranty is because we get so few warranty claims.   

We think it's important to put customer satisfaction over our own profits.  We are so confident your phone case will stand up to your everyday life, if you ever do need a replacement because your case breaks, we will even ship it to you free of charge.
We believe we make the best wood phone cases in the world and we are certain you will agree.

A Note From The Alto Brothers:
We love working with wood! This passion for woodworking has culminated in a business where we focus on creating functional wood products that enhance your everyday life in ways you would never have thought. We handpick all our woods from local lumberyards and mill it to exacting specifications to create unbelievably intricate, heirloom quality designs.
But don't let this fool you, durability is our #1 focus. We design all our products to withstand an incredible amount of abuse. Because what's the point of buying something that won't last?
Our vision for Alto Collective from day 1 has been 'Escape Average' - We have carved out a niche by making remarkable wood products, and we hope you enjoy using this unique wood phone case for years to come.

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