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Wood Longboards - Wood and Resin Flow Series

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These ultra limited release longboards are built to mimic our flow series phone cases.  
Each board is unique, there will never be 2 made exactly the same.  

There have been wood/resin boards made before, but never like this.  We are currently the only people in the world to make boards with this styling curvature and strength.  These boards are designed to be used daily, not hung on a wall.


We have developed a process to enable us to showcase our woodworking on the exterior of the board while integrating a complex drop deck curvature.
Our longboards feature triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber hidden between the cores.   Cold pressed with epoxy (not wood glue)... all features typically found in performance skis and snowboards.  


Our boards are built unlike anything else in the world which means they have a smooth and responsive ride unlike anything else in the world.


We are accepting commissions for 2019 so feel free to get in touch with us about designing a flow series board with the colour and woods of your choice. 


Alto Collective was founded in Calgary, Alberta by brothers Owen and Kevin. 

Combining their technical degrees of Engineering and Applied Sciences with artisan woodworking techniques passed down from their great grandfather, they started designing and creating products that excel in both form and function. Truly a homegrown venture, Alto Collective launched by attending local pop-up markets and shortly thereafter transitioned to opening up shop online so products could be available year-round to customers both local and beyond. Still owned and operated fulltime by Kevin and Owen, the business now runs out of both Alberta and British Columbia locations.  

Owen and Kevin Photo Montage