Galaxy Series - iPhone | Samsung | Google | Huawei |

$58.00 CAD


Inspired by the Universe we live in, brought to life with creativity and ingenuity.

We have used epoxy resin in our longboards and other products since 2011.  We have now pioneered a special process to create 2mm thin sheets of unique resin art.  Our Galaxy Series is ever-changing and always low volume.  Each case is 100% unique, no two will ever be exactly the same.

We use pigments and special additives in our resin, each with its own special characteristics.  Production of each galaxy takes about 5 days from start-to-finish, but the results speak for themselves.  Once they have properly cured, we can then cut them to whatever your phone size is.

Our Galaxy Series cases will sparkle and shimmer in sunlight and be sure to to leave you floored.



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