Alto Wallet – World’s Thinnest Minimal Wood Wallet


Each wallet is handcrafted from beautiful solid wood with a high strength fiberglass weave running through its core. At just 0.125” thick, the Alto Wallet is the thinnest and strongest minimal wood wallet in the world.

Able to carry one card as effectively as 16, its adaptable capacity will not restrict the number of cards you carry - though its design excels when carrying 1-8 cards.  A durable Nitrile band will securely hold all your cards and cash; while the ergonomic shape will allow you to easily access these items without the hassle associated with most minimal wallets.

Available in a variety of beautiful and exotic woods, this ultra-thin minimal wood wallet is sure to attract attention whenever it leaves your pocket.  




“We knew something had to be done when we began ditching our bulky wallets for days at a time and instead would carry just a few loose cards in our pockets – sometimes wrapped with only an elastic.  We started to solve this problem with materials on hand from building performance wood longboards; beautiful wood and high strength fiberglass.  After nearly a year of prototyping and refinement, we are excited to finally offer a unique, thin, and functional alternative for anyone else who is unsatisfied with their current wallet situation.” – Kevin Alto





Alto Longboards Ltd.


Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Alto Longboards is owned and operated by the Alto Brothers; Owen and Kevin.  They are dedicated to creating the most exceptional longboards possible, in every way possible.  With degrees in Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, they put their problem solving and woodworking skills to the test every day to create boards that excel in both form and function.