We’ve carved out a niche by staying true to our original vision...


“Since day one, it’s been our mission to create well designed, reliable products. Products that will complement and simplify your lifestyle, while bringing style to your life”. 

If you’ve followed us from the beginning you’ll know the product that started this whole journey was the longboard. We didn’t want to make just another wood longboard, we wanted to create a board with a ride that could rival its looks. Born was the Alto Longboard, featuring triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber hidden between the cores, cold pressed with epoxy (opposed to the standard wood glue) - all features typically found in performance skis and snowboards. 

With the construction and manufacturing of our longboards came an unavoidable byproduct: excess material. But as they say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” right?! We started making wood phone cases with excess materials and they were an instant hit. Something about being about to wrap such an advanced piece of technology in an earthy, calming material strikes a cord with people - we love being about to give people the ability to bring a little piece of nature into their everyday lives.

And then came the minimal wallets. With the ever decreasing use of cash and the increasing use of payment options via phone, we saw the need for a wallet that carries the necessities, and nothing more. Using the same technology that has been so successful in our longboards, we created what we think is a pretty darn good wallet - it’s incredibly sturdy, functional and sleek. And based on the sales, it seems to be that you guys think they’re pretty darn good wallets too.

To make all of our products, we use premium materials to ensure our customers can rely on our goods. Everything from designing to manufacturing is done not only in Canada, but also in-house, by our own team. This gives us the ability to control every step of the process, as well as ensure that we’re supporting our local economy as best as we can.

And now, to our loyal customers -  whether you bought from us at one of our first pop-up markets, or have recently joined along for the ride, thank you! We (natural-ly) couldn’t have done this without you and look forward to continuing to provide you with well-designed, reliable, darn good products.


Durable Wood

Though raw wood is easier to use and faster to process, its long-term durability is poor. The first drop of water or smudge of dirt will cause discoloration that will forever be embedded in the wood.   Raw unfinished woods also have the chance of splintering and expanding with changing weather conditions.


We have designed our cases to stand up to a considerable amount of stress. Each case gets a special finish to bring out the beauty and 3-dimensional depth of the real wood.

We hand-seal the carefully selected wood on our smartphone cases with multiple coats of scratch-resistant and UV-stabilized finish. This multi-step process takes place over multiple days to further strengthen the wood.
We don’t cut corners.
We do all this work because it makes a better product, and we refuse to sacrifice quality in order to speed up production times.  

Protective Bumper

A seamless high-impact rubber bumper protects all sides, corners, and keeps your phone safe from everyday drops and falls. We have designed our custom wood phone cases with extra grip added along the sides ensuring an ergonomic feel in your hands that keeps you in complete control of your new ultra-slim device.