- Arnold Air Society

$68.00 CAD $42.00 CAD


Custom cases available for members of the Arnold Air Society!

Anigre wood, with a Padauk wood center.

Features a rubberized bumper that wraps around your phone protecting it from everyday bumps and falls, scratch and water resistant finish over the wood means that it will not fade or get dirty with use.

**Depending on your phone selection, the camera cutouts will be located in different locations, we change the sizing and placement of your logo to provide the most aesthetically pleasing result for each phone type.


Alto Collective was founded in Calgary, Alberta by brothers Owen and Kevin. 

Combining their technical degrees of Engineering and Applied Sciences with artisan woodworking techniques passed down from their great grandfather, they started designing and creating products that excel in both form and function. Truly a homegrown venture, Alto Collective launched by attending local pop-up markets and shortly thereafter transitioned to opening up shop online so products could be available year-round to customers both local and beyond. Still owned and operated fulltime by Kevin and Owen, the business now runs out of both Alberta and British Columbia locations.  

Owen and Kevin Photo Montage