Wood Longboards - ATLAS

$699 CAD
The inside (custom core) of the deck features 2 vertically laminated Ash wood plies with two layers of Triaxial Fiberglass on either side.  
The outside of the deck features a custom inlay wood veneer on either side; walnut & mahogany checker with Ash wings.
The Atlas deck features a custom core, fiberglass, and is bonded with epoxy (not wood glue)... all features typically found in performance skis and snowboards.  We have developed this process to enable us to showcase our woodworking on the exterior of the board and so we can integrate the complex drop deck curvature.  All together, its a deck built unlike anything else in the world which means it has a smooth and responsive ride unlike anything else in the world.  



Board Specs:

Length: 37″
Width: 10″
Concave: 0.5″
Drop: 1.25″ 


A Note From The Alto Brothers:
We love working with wood! This passion for woodworking has culminated in a business where we focus on creating functional wood products that enhance your everyday life in ways you would never have thought. We handpick all our woods from local lumberyards and mill it to exacting specifications to create unbelievably intricate, heirloom quality designs.
But don't let this fool you, durability is our #1 focus. We design all our products to withstand an incredible amount of abuse. Because what's the point of buying something that won't last?
Our vision for Alto Collective from day 1 has been 'Escape Average' - We have carved out a niche by making remarkable wood products, and we hope you enjoy using this unique wood phone case for years to come.